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It’s like showing your mom (or grandma) how to program the VCR, but the VCR can run from her and act back if she gets mad!


He’s a vulgar little machine! His HBO special will probably air pretty soon!

Yeah, it’s sweet, but how many app does it run? … And is Flash supported? The bright side is I won’t drop it in a toilet next time I get drunk!

Because she’s going to the movie and she’s afraid he’ll start beeping?? Yeah right

Yes, this is a wedding cake. No, I don’t know if the groom ordered without his fiancĂ© knowing about it. She must have known, because there sure is a lot of Star Wars cake around …

There is nothing to waste in this tauntaun’s corpse. It gave second life to Luke and now, to this wedding!

This AT-AT cake is probably the easiest to slice. And not to mention the little Ewok cupcakes!

R2D2 is about to get murdered by what appears to be a sith groom!! Oh noooooo!!!!

I like to think that their songs sound like Winger‘s sound and that they have a whole group of trooper dancing on stage