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Unemployment has struck the Storm Troopers and now apparently, the Dark Side has a lot of issues .. mainly funding issues…

I guess he needed money to buy that guitar and couldn’t pay him back .. next thing you know, the statue is on the street. I guess it’s better than a livingroom

No one like Lando so they did it on purpose! He’s the office escape goat!

She doesn’t have any and don’t try to say you didn’t notice!

Yeah like, I totally hate my mom when she asks me to put the volume down and clean my room… that’s so worst! Pff, life is terrible and nobody gets me

Oh Mister Vader, you will make me blush! ❤

This scene is part of a Maury special on absent dads… will Luke forget his father for missing out on his childhood? We’ll see after these messages…

Don’t worry Lord Vader, we’re with you on this one!

That is one sweet bride! The family looks a bit shocked thought … I wonder if they expected the cake cutting to be like this :