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and what do we do after eating the cake? Let’s celebrate at the bowling alley .. although some people cheat!

The first film of the franchise was originally released on May 25, 1977… you know what that means guys??

Happy 33th birthday Star Wars!!! May the force be with us!

She has some weird friends, doesn’t she!? At least they let her hadle the laser gun

Seriously, stop it C3P0. no one likes you!

It’s much more relatable than any other Windows 7 ad I’ve seen!

Unemployment has struck the Storm Troopers and now apparently, the Dark Side has a lot of issues .. mainly funding issues…

This one is old, but it still makes me laugh my a*s off! This trooper has seen too many lonely nights!

Goats are apperently highly susceptible to “The Force”

Go forth young padawan! Stand up and defend yourself!

I guess he needed money to buy that guitar and couldn’t pay him back .. next thing you know, the statue is on the street. I guess it’s better than a livingroom